Microfinance Organization First Credit Company LLP

Microfinance Organization First Credit Company LLP



"MFO" First Credit Company " LLP operating under the brand" Akshakhan "has been helping Kazakhstanis in times of financial difficulties for more than 4 years.
We work in the segment of small microcredits up to salary, at the most favorable conditions for our clients.

We are present in 4 countries of the world and have been on the Kazakhstan market for more than 4 years.

We are the official partner of Kazpost JSC, with which we cooperate in the direction of issuing and repaying microcredits.

You can open an application and get approval by phone and in just 10 minutes! The money will go either to the card, or you can receive it at any nearest Kazpost branch, as well as at one of our offices.

You can repay a microloan in many ways - through self-service terminals, in our offices, in any bank or the nearest Kazpost branch.


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