Association of legal entities "Kazakhstan FinTech Association"

Association of legal entities "Kazakhstan FinTech Association"

The Association of Legal Entities "Kazakhstan FinTech Association" was registered in October 2015.

The purpose of the establishment of the Kazakhstan FinTech Association is to coordinate and consolidate the activities of companies operating in the online lending market, aimed at developing the market and the fintech industry in general, promoting and protecting the common interests of companies in the sector, as well as protecting consumers.

Among the tasks of the Association:
Formation of a platform for intra-industry dialogue between companies on issues and topics that contribute to the growth of the market, industry and sector companies
Interaction with government bodies, industry organizations and associations on market regulation, development of legislation - "rules of the game" that meet the interests of market and industry development
Interaction with society and consumers
Attracting new professional and responsible members of the Association.
Our business principles:
Honesty, objectivity, transparency, carrying out activities strictly within the framework of international and Kazakhstani legislation and business ethics.
A professional systematic approach to solving the assigned tasks, using modern analytical, research, scientific, GR- and PR-practices, techniques and tools.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation in achieving our common goals for the development of the fintech industry in our country.


+7771 228 6909; +7(727) 220 82 41;  +7(727) 220 82 40

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