Microfinance Organization Salem Credit LLP

Microfinance Organization Salem Credit LLP

MFO Salem Credit is a reliable, client-oriented company. We are experts in credit scoring and financial technology with a team of renowned fintech professionals working with us.

How do we issue loans
We use the latest technology to provide instant customer identification and assessment, which allows us to meet customer needs as quickly as possible. You can apply for a microloan online, having only a smartphone and IIN on hand. The very registration of the application will take a few minutes, and the fully automated process of assessing the client's solvency will allow the system to make a decision almost instantly. Microcredit can be obtained not only quickly, but even without leaving home or office, the territorial position also does not play any role. The money will go to a card or bank account registered in the name of the client.

International company
Salem.kz is part of the SunFinance financial group, the fastest growing international online lending holding in Europe, with branches in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. Sun Finance is headed by a team of professionals who have been working in the consumer lending market for more than 10 years and combine the use of advanced developments in the decision-making system for issuing loans with the principles of responsible lending.

What is an online loan in Kazakhstan?
Online credit is money in the amount of up to 3,000,000 tenge, which can be issued for a period of up to 3 years for any purpose. The loan is repaid in monthly annuity (ie, equally distributed) payments. Online loans save the most expensive resource of modern life - time! Forget about collecting documents and tedious queues. An application for a loan is made online from anywhere in Kazakhstan, for this you only need access to the Internet, any device: mobile, tablet or laptop and a few minutes of your time. The money will be sent to a bank account or card within 15 minutes after the approval of the application. Microcredit on the card can be obtained on the day of application.

Our terms
Lending conditions for individuals and rates are as close as possible to banking products. Consumer loans up to KZT 3,000,000 are issued without collateral for a period of up to 3 years, the interest rate is fully consistent with the requirements of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Making decisions based on Big Data and using advanced credit scoring models ensure the speed and accuracy of all processes. When creating our system, we considered the mistakes and shortcomings of other systems of the online lending market, which made it possible to create our own unique credit conveyor system that works much more efficiently.

Legal address: Almaty, Medeu district, Dostyk ave., 210, BC Koktem Grand, 11th floor

Phone: +7 702 075 08 88

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