Microfinance Organization SOFI fINANCE LLP

Microfinance Organization SOFI fINANCE LLP

Fast microcredit on the Internet is the best option for solving short-term financial difficulties, unforeseen or unplanned purchases, etc. It is not recommended to use microloans to pay off long-term money issues or buy expensive things on credit.

A quick microloan without unnecessary formalities is available completely online on our website. With Tengo.kz you do not depend on the working hours of banks and the need for their location near you.

Every day we help thousands of people to solve their problems with delayed wages, or in the case when there is very little left to pay, and money is needed now. With Tengo.kz you no longer have to puzzle over where to find money.

+7 778 09 65 555
9:00 - 20:00

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