Microfinance Organization Dengi Govoryat LLP

Microfinance Organization Dengi Govoryat LLP

About TengeDa

The world is becoming more digital-advanced, and sooner or later all financial institutions will switch to online services. But TengeDa is already living according to the canons of the digital and mobile future. We are ideal for those people who communicate every day, think globally, find out the news and buy goods and services through their gadgets - on the Internet. They evaluate any service and product according to the speed of service and comfort that new technologies provide.

The history of the online microcredit service TengeDa originated back in 2013, since then we have tirelessly and actively developed in step with modern digital trends to be always tangible support for our old and new clients.

Who are our clients?

Those who need to "hold out" to payday;

Those who have a force majeure, for example, have an urgent trip, payment of an unforeseen fine, treatment or car repair;

Those who plan to celebrate their baby's birthday or anniversary, but cannot get money from the family budget, will be left without funds;

Those who cannot prove their income to banks with more stringent bureaucratic requirements (self-employed, housewives, people with disabilities, etc.).

And all these people do not want to borrow money from family and friends, instead they intend to be independent, using such a financial instrument as TengeDa.

“That is why it is easier with us - we issue money online microcredits without certificates, collateral and guarantors, on the card of any bank, around the clock, in any city or village of Kazakhstan. And all this can be done without taking time off from work and without leaving home.

We issue microloans through the site tengeda.kz. It is enough to have a smartphone with Internet access at hand, and you can already become our client by concluding an agreement with us and receiving money - all this remotely.

In this case, the microcredit is transferred to your bank card within 5 minutes. At the same time, you can get money and pay off your debt at any time of the day or night - through 50,000 terminals throughout the country. We make financial services more accessible and life more comfortable. This is a convenience that traditional financial institutions cannot provide.

At the same time, we always meet our clients halfway, adjusting to their personal circumstances. If you cannot repay the microloan on time, we extend its term without penalties. The main thing is to warn us in time.

The maximum amount of a TengeDa microcredit is 125,000 tenge. And thanks to us, many successfully “build” their positive credit history and later get access to credit products of banks for a larger amount and at a lower interest rate. People who, for various reasons, cannot yet be clients of banks, receive free finances from us - the so-called financial inclusion.

It is important that we guarantee the safety and reliable protection of your personal data with the most modern technologies - a 2048-bit encryption key. This means that your payment card or bank account details will never reach third parties.

We have worked in banks and IT companies, and with this experience we are changing the established traditions of lending. A loan can be taken not only from a bank, and money can be borrowed not only from a friend.

If you have any questions, call us: +7 (727) 355-96-96, +7 (778) 096 96 96


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