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11.09.2015 Microcredit market of Kazakhstan is the leader of the size of the total loan portfolio in Central Asia << Read more...>>

Kazakhstan has taken a share of 30% of the total micro-credit market in Central Asia. Kazakhstan company has attracted the largest number of borrowers in the region

11.09.2015 Microfinance ahead of the banks at a rate of return << Read more ... >>

Kazakh MFIs show greater efficacy than banks. In January-March 2015 the total profit of MFIs increased by 9 times compared to the year 2014, according to ranking.kz

19.08.2015 Announcement of international conferences << Read more ... >>

We would like to inform you about upcoming events on microfinance

10.07.2015 MFI "KMF (КМФ) has received certification from Smart Campaign and passed social rating << Read more ... >>

Congratulations MFI "KMF (КМФ), which in April 2015 received certification for Client Protection Principles, initiated by the Smart Campaign. KMF is the only company in Kazakhstan, which has received certification.

In March, 2015 KMF held a social rating from international rating company "MicroFinanza Rating" with assignment of evaluation "A"

02.07.2015 Changes in the membership of AMFOK for Q2 2015

The Association entered: On April 7, 2015 - "MFI Kronos Credit", MFI "Tez Credit"; On April 16, 2015 -  MFI "Nur-Ray"; On May 5, 2015 - MFI "Yesil"

29.06.2015 Meeting of members of AMFOK on non-performing loans of National Bank of Kazakhstan

On June 26, 2015 was the meeting of the members of AMFOK to discuss norms of the law project of National Bank of Kazakhstan "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on non-performing loans and assets of second-tier banks, financial services and the activities of financial institutions and the National Bank of Kazakhstan" and norms offered to members of AMFOK.

15.06.2015 Meeting with the Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture (FFSA)

On June 12, 2015 Director and the members of the Association of Legal Entities "AMFOK" participated in the meeting with the FFSA for discussing the implementation of programs to support micro-credit, with the participation of Chairman of the FFSA

08.05.2015 In 2016 in Kazakhstan will operate about 160 microfinance institutions - expert << Read more ... >>

Director of Association of microfinance organizations of Kazakhstan Anatoliy Glukhov gave an interview to newspaper "Kursiv"

16.04.2015 The success of MFI: KMF declared as National champion << Read more ... >>

MFI "KMF (КМФ) is on the list of the national champions, which are competitive companies in nine promising sector of the economy, exactly in classification as non-bank finance

14.04.2015 Joint meeting on microcredit and new job creation

On April 13, 2015Director of AMFOK participated in a joint meeting of the Council for Economic Policy at the fraсtion of "Nur Otan" in the Majilis, the Expert Group on the area of Innovative Economy and the Committee for Finance and Budget Committee of the Majilis on microcredit and new jobs creation. The event was held in Astana

  Pages:   1234