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12.11.2019 Kursiv.kz: What a typical client of microfinance organizations looks like in Kazakhstan.
The average MFI borrower is a middle-aged rural resident. This was told by the head of the Association of Microfinance Organizations (AMFOK) to journalists in Almaty.

11.11.2019 Kursiv.kz: National Bank of Kazakhstan will increase the maximum amount of microcredit
From January 1, 2020, the maximum amount of microcredit will increase in Kazakhstan. Such an option is contained in the amendments of the National Bank, which will regulate the market of microfinance organizations in a new way.

06.11.2019 Mdai.gov.kz: From November 1, address certificates are canceled in Kazakhstan
From November 1, the address certificate will be canceled in Kazakhstan and excluded from the register of public services. This means that government agencies, schools, medical facilities, etc. do not have the right to demand from citizens an address certificate from November 1. It cannot be obtained either through the branches of the Government for Citizens, or through the e-government portal.

30.10.2019 Kapital.kz: KMF MFI Raises $ 15 Million from Austrian Development Bank OeEB
KMF Financing Deal Organized by EMGA

03.10.2019 Kapital.kz: MFI loan payments should not exceed 50% of the borrower's income
From January 1, 2020, the monthly loan payment that was taken from a microfinance organization (MFI) should not exceed 50% of the borrower's income. This was reported by the business information center Kapital.kz.

30.09.2019 Nb.kz: Why are Kazakhstan MFIs NPS Index Higher Than Banks?
Researching the level of customer loyalty of financial companies is a long-standing practice. However, the commitment of consumers to traditional banks was not so unshakable and often preference is given to more convenient modern digital companies

16.09.2019 Zakon.kz: Microcrediting is a profitable business: for the first half of the year, the profit of MFIs was a record 10.5 billion tenge
The profit of MFIs of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first half of 2019 reached 10.5 billion tenge, this is a record figure for the corresponding period. The growth for the year was 32.

13.09.2019 InBusiness.kz: The total assets of MFIs of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time exceeded 300 billion tenge
Slightly less than two-thirds are accounted for by two companies - KMF and Toyota Financial

11.09.2019 LSm.kz: How did the MFI Association respond to the proposal of the National Bank
The National Bank plans to change the requirements for microfinance organizations. The Director of the Association of MFIs of Kazakhstan, Yerbol Omarkhanov, appreciated the new initiative of the regulator, reports LS.

09.09.2019 InBusiness.kz: Microfinance organizations in Kazakhstan are ahead of banks in terms of lending growth
Thus, the average quarterly increase in the loan portfolio of MFIs was 8.7% versus 0.1% for STBs.  

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