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24.05.2021 Forbes.kz: Online loans market in Kazakhstan shrank, but remained in the ranks
Over the past year and a half, the loan portfolio of organizations providing small unsecured loans for a short period has decreased from 100 billion to 25 billion tenge

20.05.2021 The regulator may allow large MFOs to transform into banks
This possibility will be considered in the medium term.

12.05.2021 Zakon.kz: Rules for issuing online microloans have been complicated in Kazakhstan
By the resolution of the Board of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Regulation and Development of the Financial Market dated April 30, 2021, amendments were made to the Rules for the provision of microcredits by electronic means

11.05.2021 Kapital.kz: National Bank published a report on "digital tenge" for discussion
The digital tenge will be a legal tender, a measure of value and a store of value

30.04.2021 Social media for MFIs: a waste of time or a growth point?
MFC resumes a series of free webinars Digital Literacy Bootcamp in Russian.

29.04.2021 The shelf life of credit histories will be shortened: Parliament passed a law
One of the main innovations is the reduction of the storage period for credit history from 10 to five years.

28.04.2021 Inbusiness.kz: What problems small medium-sized businesses face when applying for a loan from banks
In the era of COVID-19, the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, like the global economy as a whole, sagged noticeably. Economic activity is under pressure from lockdowns and other quarantine measures, inbusiness.kz reports with reference to ranking.kz.

19.04.2021 A new mechanism for the rehabilitation of borrowers has been launched
The measure will help restore access of Kazakhstanis to financial services, explained Yerlan Seilov

09.04.2021 Microfinance organizations that are not licensed are liquidated or reorganized
As of April 1 of this year, 883 subjects of the microfinance market, including 178 microfinance organizations (MFOs), 542 pawnshops and 163 credit partnerships, received agency licenses to carry out microfinance activities.

05.04.2021 The microloan market is undergoing a massive evolution

The microloan market is undergoing a massive evolution. The process of tightening the requirements for MFO continues in the country. COVID also negatively affects business. Here's how classic MFO and FinTechs are going through hard times.

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