Microcrediting is a profitable business: for the first half of the year, the profit of MFIs was a record 10.5 billion tenge


Immediately 6.1 billion tenge falls on MFIs KMF, growth for the year - by 23.8%.

Excluding KMF, the total profit of the remaining MFIs for the first half of the year amounted to 4.4 billion tenge, an increase of 45.9% over the same period a year earlier.


Of the 167 MFIs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 108 companies showed profits. KMF is traditionally the absolute leader in terms of profit.

TOP-3 also included Toyota Financial (997.1 million tenge - 2.7 times more than last year) and Finbox (876.9 million tenge, an increase of 60%).


KMF is the largest MFI in the country, far ahead of its competitors in the microcredit segment. The company shows strong results even in comparison with the second-tier banks. So, KMF, still inferior in terms of profit to Alfa-Bank, which closes the TOP-10 second-tier banks with an indicator of 6.6 billion tenge, at the same time already surpasses by more than 1.1 billion tenge such second-tier banks as " CenterCredit Bank ”(11th place among the second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of profit for the first half of the year).

The second in the MFI sector, Toyota Financial (997.1 million tenge), outperforms such second-tier banks as KZI Bank (987.6 million tenge), Tengri Bank (887.1 million tenge), Al Hilal (877 mln tenge), Shinhan Bank (338.1 mln tenge) and Zaman-Bank (90.2 mln tenge), with the last 2 STBs being inferior to several other MFIs. In addition, we recall that 3 STBs at the end of six months went at a loss.

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