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“In unity - towards prosperity” is AMFOK's motto, I believe that unity should be manifested in all the directions. We have had the first friendly tournament! A healthy spirit of competition is acceptable not only at work but also outside, so football had been chosen. The goal of a football tournament between members of the Association is not only popularization of the sports, it is an excellent opportunity for communication between members of AMFOK in an informal, friendly and sporting environment. It should be noted that representatives of the microcredit sector have come from different regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from the Kyrgyz Republic, which gives this tournament an international status. Congratulations to the team of FRP Damu JSC with its victory. First place among 12 teams, it was not easy, everyone fought to the last. MFO Asian Credit Fund has won a silver prize. Team of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan has ranked the third,’ says AMFOK Director Yerbol Omarkhanov. The football tournament was officially supported by fintech company MFI Solva, a leader in the domestic financial technology industry. “I have played football for a long time. I like that this is a team game, you play with people you work with every day - this is a big plus for maintaining corporate spirit in the company. Therefore, Solva has certainly supported the sports initiative of AMFOK. Yerbol Omarkhanov held a really necessary event. Necessary, because everyone felt their involvement. It perfectly raises corporate spirit among employees,’ said Solva CEO Marat Bekzhanov. ‘Informal events are always a meeting of friends and acquaintances. An opportunity to see people from the other side and in a different guise. I was very glad to see everyone on that day at the football tournament dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Association of Microfinance Organizations,’ said Assem Nurgalieva, Executive Director of First Credit Bureau LLP. The tournament was held according to the group system - 4 teams from 3 groups went to the semifinal: Damu Fund, NBK team, MFI Solva and MFO ‘Asian Credit Fund’. According to results of intense semifinal and final matches, the winner of the tournament was Damu Fund team. Matches were judged by professional referees. Thanks to the excellent football field the audience was able to see many beautiful goals and dramatic outcomes. From the first seconds of the matches to the final whistle there was not a single boring moment. The participants and spectators of the tournament noted that they received a lot of positive impressions from the game of the teams, as well as from communication with colleagues.

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