Nb.kz: Why are Kazakhstan MFIs NPS Index Higher Than Banks?

Unlike banks, MFIs tend to focus on providing one major type of financial product — lending — and strive to do it well. For example, in the case of issuing a loan online - this happens in just 15 minutes from the start of filling out an application. Filling out the questionnaire does not cause great difficulties, even at the first call, although scoring also works here - for example, the so-called keyboard handwriting is evaluated. Those. if a person enters other people's data - name and surname, he will inevitably allow a hitch, even for a couple of seconds, but for the system this will be enough to fix this moment.

Only then the impression of the speed of the process and convenience - because a person does not need to go anywhere or go, it provokes those positive emotions that I want to tell others about. Those. as a result, they are more likely to recommend the service to friends and acquaintances. As a result, 90% of customers in this segment are repeat customers.

This is confirmed by studies. For example, an NPS rating for a company showed that 63.64% of consumers rate the company's services on a maximum scale, 18.18% are neutral consumers. At the same time, the overall NPS was 45 points, which, according to the Net Promoter Score benchmark for the banking sector, is 13 points higher than in the banking sector.

However, a simple measurement of the NPS index is just the tip of the iceberg, because a simple clarifying question “why?” Allows you to get more detailed information, revealing not only the strengths of the business, but also those aspects that can be significantly improved. Those. By carrying out regular NPS measurements, it is quite possible to establish a reliable feedback channel, which can serve as the basis for further improvement of business process systems, the introduction of new products, services and loyalty programs.

Such improvement of business processes, which is based on the desire to increase the number of promoters or “fans” who most often contact the company again, leave positive feedback about it and recommend it to friends and relatives, in MFIs it is carried out faster.

This is achieved, inter alia, by the de-bureaucratization of MFIs, greater internal mobility, which allows them to respond to feedback received from consumers more quickly. For their part, MFIs also show loyalty to such borrowers, for example, it is even easier for them to get a second loan, they can count on an increased available limit, as well as a reduction in interest rates.



More details: http://nb.kz/29576/?fbclid=IwAR3blq83VxlqBQF21tyKV_IT96QApIQMGC6N-1TG2VhK8OuCjno-50JtapY

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