A new line of microcrediting will be launched in June

A new line of microcrediting will be launched in Kazakhstan in June. This was announced by the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Dalenov, during a reporting meeting with the population, correspondent reports .

 "In the current period, microbusiness support is an important issue. Addressing access to credit and collateral is a factor in the development of SMEs, especially micro-business. Therefore, in the state program "Business Roadmap - 2025" a new direction will be included - "micro-lending to small and micro-businesses." Financing will be available at a rate of not more than 6% through subsidies. Today, the rates on such loans are high. The new direction will allow obtaining loans at a rate of 6%, the minister said."


According to him, loans will be issued up to 5 million tenge for working capital and up to 20 million tenge for production needs, which will cover a wide range of representatives of micro-business. Sources of financing - own funds of banks and microfinance organizations.

 "In this case, the issue of providing collateral is decided. Damu Fund will guarantee up to 85% of the principal loan debt. Consideration of micro and small business projects will be accelerated through simplification of approval procedures. The new direction requires amendments to the state program "DKB-2025", as well as procedures and the involvement of second-tier banks. Therefore, it is planned to launch a new microcredit line within a month, ”he concluded."


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