Social media for MFIs: a waste of time or a growth point?

#DigLitBootcamp is an online course aimed at creating a solid foundation for digital transformation processes in MFIs, through the use of basic skills, knowledge and opportunities related to digitalization among the staff and management of MFIs. Topics discussed include choosing the best online channels for customer acquisition, wise investments in digital marketing, developing content marketing, working with a credit score for digital lending, and more. Our experts are high-level executives, international consultants and successful digitalization practices.

2021 #DigLitBootcamp offers a choice of 4 webinars in Russian - see below for details.

Upcoming webinars
Social media for MFIs: a waste of time or a growth point?
05/18/2021, 11:00 - 12:15 Moscow time

The webinar will focus on working with social media in the context of a microfinance organization:

Social media strategy networks: what is important?
How to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion in social networks?
How to build work with social. networks in the organization?
How to build a subscriber / follower base?
During the webinar, successful cases from the microfinance sector will be reviewed, and we will also invite participants to exchange experiences and ideas with colleagues.

Host: Nadezhda Shipilov, independent consultant

Nadezhda is an internet marketing expert with 15 years of experience. Nadezhda was involved in the development of Internet projects in various industries from e-commerce to microfinance and IT. From 2005 to 2011, she was engaged in the development of the Stat24 web analytics system in Runet, speaking with reports on the aspects of using web analytics in business at the RIF and CIB conferences as well as on the Internet marketing course at the Warsaw School of Economics. As a communications manager at the MFC (2018-2019), Nadezhda immersed herself deeply in the microfinance industry, which allowed her to understand the problems and specifics of the work of microfinance organizations.

Registration via the link:


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