Kapital.kz: National Bank published a report on "digital tenge" for discussion

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has published a report on the "digital tenge" for public discussion, the Kapital.kz business information center reports.

“National digital currency is a promising form of funds, which are the obligation of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and presented in digital form. The digital tenge will be a legal tender, a measure of value and a store of value. To implement the platform, a two-tier architecture is assumed, in which financial market participants will provide payment services, and the National Bank will provide the infrastructure, ”the NBRK explained.

It is indicated that in order to make a decision on the issue of digital tenge, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of the benefits and risks with the definition of the tasks solved by the digital currency, the method of its emission and distribution, the technology used, the impact on monetary policy, financial stability and the payment ecosystem.

“The National Bank plans to carry out this work jointly with financial market participants, the expert community and international partners. Therefore, a research report of the National Bank has been published for public discussion, ”the message explains.

The full text of the report can be found here.

More details: https://kapital.kz/finance/95415/natsbank-opublikoval-dlya-obsuzhdeniya-doklad-o-tsifrovom-tenge.html


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