365info.kz How Kazakhstanis will solve problem loans, the government said

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin spoke about the new procedure for resolving problematic debts of Kazakhstanis.

“Now, banks and MFIs, from the moment the loan is overdue, based on the application of the borrower – an individual, are obliged to start working with the debtor’s problem debt by conducting an individual analysis of the financial situation and social status of the borrower and develop restructuring measures,” the head of government said.

To restructure a loan, the following types of settlement of overdue debts are legally established:

  • a downward change in the remuneration rate;
  • change of the loan currency to the national one;
  • deferred payment of the principal debt and (or) remuneration;
  • changing the method of repayment of debt or the order of repayment of debt, including with the repayment of principal on a priority basis;
  • changing the term of the loan;
  • forgiveness of the overdue principal debt and (or) remuneration, cancellation of the penalty (fine, penalty fee), commissions and other payments related to servicing the loan.

“In cases where a bank or an IFI refuses to consider an application or fails to reach agreement on the terms of loan restructuring, the borrower has the right to apply to the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market with simultaneous notification of the lender,” the prime minister concluded.


Read more: https://365info.kz/2021/12/kak-budut-reshat-problemnye-kredity-kazahstantsev-rasskazali-v-pravitelstve


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