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Association of microfinance organizations of Kazakhstan - Social performance
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Social performance

Social performance is effective translation of an institution's mission into practice in line with accepted social objectives 

   Mission             Practice


Social Performance Management (SPM)

 The processes an institution uses to translate its mission into practice. These include:
- Setting social targets;
- Measuring the progress toward these targets;
- Using the results for strategic decision-making-namely, to improve products, services and delivery channels..

 Processes / social impact indicators are reflected by MFI in the social reports that are posted on MIX Market.                                  

MIX Market  is data hub where MFIs and supporting organizations share istitutional data to broaden transparency and market insight.

The aim of MIX is ensuring transparency of the microfinance sector and attracting new investment, technology and partners.

Universal Standarfs of SPM

Client Protection Principles of Smart Campaign

The achievements of Kazakhstani MFIs on SPM

Memorandum of understanding and cooperation on combating fraud, and protection of the rights of the borrowers in the provision and maintenance of microcredit

Sponsorship (charity)

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