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Association of microfinance organizations of Kazakhstan - Useful links
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Useful links

1.   www.nationalbank.kz -website of the National Bank of Kazakhstan;

2.   www.mixmarket.org - website of MIX Market is a data hub where microfinance institutions (MFIs) and supporting organizations around the world share institutional data

3.   www.themix.org - website of MIX Market;

4.   www.cgap.org - website of The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor;

5    www.mfc.org.pl - website of Microfinance Centre (Poland);

6.   www.sptf.info - website of Social Performance Task Force;

7.   www.microfinanzarating.com - website of international rating agency;

8.   www.uni-global.eu - website of Uniglobal, organizer of Central Asian Microfinance Forum;

9.   www.microfinancegateway.org - Internet resource for whole microfinance community;

10.  www.smartcampaign.org - website of Smart Campaign, who developed 7 Client protection principles;

11.  www.MFtransparency.org - website of MicroFinance Transparency, which promotes transparency by facilitating microfinance pricing disclosure;

12.  www.accion.org - website of Accion, global nonprofit dedicated to creating economic opportunity by connecting people to the financial tools they need to improve their lives;